Buying a HEPA Air purifier is the best decision you can make for your family in these COVID times. - Colzer

Spending time indoors with a COVID patient or even an asymptomatic one can be risky. Further, if space is confined, such as an aircraft or an air-cooled room, the risk multiplies. That is why; the solutions that keep the air virus-free and mold-free are worth considering in present times. Of various air filters, the HEPA air purifier serves the needs the most aptly. If you choose to go with HEPA air purifiers, you buy yourself the following benefits.

  1. Cleaner air: HEPA air purifiers come with particulate air filters quite powerful capacity-wise. Thus, these purifiers capture almost 99.8% of airborne microbes and dust particles. So, the inhabitants of such clean interiors become better shielded from disease-causing viruses and other microbes.
  2. Capacity to capture smaller viruses: HEPA air purifiers are designed to capture viruses or microbes that are 0.3 microns in size. You may think it to be ineffective in capturing the COVID virus, which is about 0.125 microns. The fact that the virus may remain encapsulated inside a drop when suspended in the air makes the HEPA purifier an effective measure. A majority of the viruses before they fall on any surface can be captured with HEPA air purifiers.
  3. HEPA filter material makes virus non-viable: The virus can be found in two types – viable and detectable. The detectable can be dead or non-viable too. It is found that HEPA filter material is similar to J-cloth. When captured in this cloth, the COVID virus and other flu viruses can lose viability within 5 hours. 

Thus, the users of HEPA air filters get proper shielding. Mainly, people with low or compromised immunity should employ these filters in their rooms. These air purifiers are aptly active and influential in cleaning the air off COVID and other dreaded viruses and maintaining safe conditions indoors.

How to choose HEPA air filter to get protection from COVID

One must consider specific shopping criteria for choosing the HEPA air purifier to ensure its effectiveness against COVID. These criteria are:

  1. Room size: HEPA air filters come in various sizes. According to the size, these are designed to cover a pre-defined range of room space. Thus, read the specifications like the area covered before picking from the lot.
  2. Air quality indicator: HEPA filters from certain brands come with a laser sensor that provides information like impurities present in the air. The filter also indicates air quality achieved as the in-built LED turns red, yellow, or green according to air quality.
  3. Portability: Some heavy-duty purifiers are quite big and are mostly fixed in one place. However, there are portable purifiers also available. So, you can pick the air purifier based on this feature in addition to other buying considerations.
  4. Noise-less functioning: Purifiers are needed for the sleeping rooms also. Thus, these should not make much noise. When chosen for an installation in kids’ rooms, the noise-less functioning becomes a prime feature to shop.

These are a few buying tips to consider that help enjoy other benefits of the air purifier apart from providing maximum protection from the virus.