People suffering from allergic conditions should have access to quality air. Air purifiers are meant to improve the indoor air quality by purifying the air. Quality air purifiers can filter airborne particles such as pollen and dander. If you have a dog or cat as a pet, you will find it useful to collect the dander with air purifier help. Some people suffering from asthmatic conditions find the air purifier helpful as they can breathe quality air. They will be able to prevent asthmatic attempts by preventing triggering events.

HEPA filters 

Air purifiers with High -Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are beneficial to people suffering from respiratory diseases. In addition to the ongoing treatment to contain the disease, there should be efforts to prevent the circumstances that lead to asthma attacks. Air purifiers will help asthma patients in this direction as they will prevent the exposure to allergens. In addition to the usage of high-quality air purifiers in the bedroom, the Heating and Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems should be maintained regularly.

Why should you need an air purifier?

If you are allergic to specific odor or chemical particles, you should avoid your exposure to such items. Some people cannot tolerate smoke beyond a certain level. The fumes and soot that generate from the fireplace cause irritation to some people. Hence, an air conditioner can be considered for indoor usage if the exposure to irritants is very high.

Size of the air purifier

If your indoor air conditioning fails to offer quality air consistently, you should want to take measures to restore the same.

Having decided to buy an air purifier, you should know the air purifier's size that can fulfill your needs. There are three types of air purifiers. You can go for small, medium, and large sizes as per your needs. Some air purifiers are meant to cover the entire house.

People suffering from allergy should look into the air change rate per hour (ACH) rate while buying an air purifier. ACH is the number of times the air purifier can filter the entire air volume in each hour. If there are four or more air changes per hour, you can consider the air purifier as a worthwhile investment.

Features expected in an air purifier

The following features are expected in an air purifier:

  • Save money – By conserving the energy, the air purifier should save your monthly energy consumption bill.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity – If the air purifier comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can control the unit from your mobile phone.
  • Indicators – The indicators present on the device will update the quality of air at regular intervals. It would help if you also got an alert for a filter change.
  • Mobility – If the unit comes with castor wheels, you can move it quickly from one place to another.


Air purifiers can pull the dander and pollen effectively. However, they fail to collect dust mites that reside in carpets and bed linen. As the units are expensive, you should choose the right air purifier as per your requirement.