The Refrigerator Is Best To Take Care Of Your Wine If You Are A Connoisseur Of Wine. - Colzer

Now, there is numerous range of curated wines available from across the world that are hand-crafted, award-winning, and popular for their quality. Unquestionably, it is easy to indulge with a fresh bottle of wine when you are sitting around with friends and good food, but once the party is over, what will you do with the wine that’s left is a vital question that arises in everyone’s mind.

Many people presume that storing wine in the fridge is the best way to keep it fresh for longer periods, but it is not suitable in all situations. Although wine, in general, is stored in the fridge how it is stored, and how long it should be stored that depends on its type. It is appropriate to store wine in a kitchen fridge but only at certain temperatures, and only for a limited time.

Certainly, wine can be stored in a refrigerator; however, it is not always recommended for long-term storage because of wine’s temperature requirements that are needed to maintain its freshness and maturity.

Preferably, wine should be stored in temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, but most of the fridges are not able to stay above 40 degrees so this technique is not suggested for long-term use and even if they could go above this threshold, your food items would certainly pay the price. If in any case, you store the wine bottle at 40 degrees for an extended period and lower than that, it will eventually, stunt the maturity of the wine.

Essentially, wine does not fare well with temperature fluctuations, and moving it between the different room temperatures and a very cold refrigerator will throw it off. It is significant to keep it stored at one consistent temperature, at least until it is opened.

Storing Tip For Kitchen Fridges

The most prominent way is not to lose track of a bottle in the fridge and it can be considered as a storing tip, make sure that your date back of the container on the day, it was opened. Earlier old restaurants used to follow this trick to keep track of wine, and it is such a popular method, some wine producers reserve an area on the bottle’s label for this purpose.

Refrigerators & The Room Temperature Storage

It is entirely subjective about deciding whether to store your wine in the cold storage box or at room temperature as it is mostly dependent on the type and quality of the wine.

Undoubtedly, the icebox is a fine place to store white and sparkling wine for a short amount of time, especially after opening the bottle. But if you are waiting for the special day and then you are going to open the bottle, room temperature is recommended for extended storage periods.

Red wine should not be stored in the refrigerator unless it has been opened. There many phenolic compounds in red wine, and storing it at a temperature below 40 degrees will cause the compounds to fallout and even changes the wine taste to bland and flavorless.