Every day in our offices, we come across the water dispenser machine offering just the right amount of water with the right temperature in the winter days and chilling water during the hot summer days. But what about the efforts of lifting that heavy bottle of clean water causing spillage everywhere near the dispenser machine or the fear of it being cleaned correctly and up to date? And if you are thinking of buying one for your residence or office setting now, then you can say goodbye to all these worries with the self-cleaning water dispenser. From the time of its arrival, the self-cleaning water dispenser has become everyone's favorite as it is your best companion that offers guaranteed clean and quality water for you and your family or your staff to drink.

How it does so?

This self-cleaning water dispenser is made with improved in-built UV technology that kills all the germs and bacteria present in the water and also prevent the formation of those harmful organisms ensuring that the consumer drinks only purified and cleaned water with every sip. Also, its bottom load design keeps the water bottle safe from any dirt.

From hot to cold to room temperature!

Yes, you heard it right! This self-cleaning water dispenser comes with three temperature setting making it easier for the consumer to drink water at the right temperature that suits them. If it is burning hot, you can enjoy a glass of chilling cold water; if it's freezing cold, you can pour yourself a cup of green tea with the hot temperature setting of the water dispenser, and if you want to drink not too hot or too cold water, just press the normal room temperature button. You can easily choose the desired temperature of the water you want to drink with just your fingertips.

Convenient and safe

Suppose it's nice spring weather outside and suddenly you crave for a cup of hot tea, but it is too troublesome and time-taking to boil water on the stove and then pour yourself a cup of tea, right? not to forget the dishes you will have to wash later! With the self-cleaning water dispenser, just put a teabag in a cup and add hot water to it, and your perfect cup of hot tea is ready!

But if you have small kids at home, then they can also get hurt with hot water if not attended properly, right? Well, you don't have to worry about that as this self-cleaning water dispenser comes with a child lock safety switch so that you can rest all your worries on the side.

Also, with its empty warning, which turns on the indicator's light when the water bottle is empty, you don't have to spend your time every morning to check on the water level in the dispenser. Just think about not wasting your muscle energy on lifting those heavy gallons of water every day to change bottles on the water dispenser. Its bottom load design makes it very much easy and convenient for usage.