Beverages are kept in refrigerators in order to serve right to consumers. This is especially so in bars and restaurants where drinks are served in right proportion and according to suitable chilling. It is stated by experts that fermented beverages are usually kept in fridges while distilled and non-fermented alcohol may be kept out in the open. However, this again depends upon taste of consumers and type of drinks that they have purchased.

There are drinks like wine and beer that almost always are preferred to be taken as cold drinks. You have champagne too in this category as people usually do not want them at room temperatures. However, if you were to purchase a few bottles of liquors like vodka, rum, gin, whiskey or brandy then it can be consumed at spots where it is quite warm. This is because you get intoxicated and for many consumers the action is more important than temperature of the bottle.


Enjoying Your Cold or Warm Drink

It always depends upon individual taste when it comes to drinks served in bars of restaurant or while they are at home. Yet the general take is that you love your fermented beer cold due to low alcoholic content and therefore taste matters here a lot more. In case with alcoholic drinks it is not as much with the taste, although taste do matters in many instances, but the act of getting into a sober mood with a glass or two that makes these beverages consumable without being chilled.

Some people are seen to be particularly happy with any beverages they buy with some coolness. They keep it in their refrigerator for a few minutes to half an hour to get the real feel of their drink. This may be irrespective of the fact that they had bought either fermented beverage or distilled ones.


Taste Changes due to Alcohol Content

It is higher levels or lower levels of alcohol content that differ the taste of beverages. It is no surprise that alcohol kills microorganisms that try to create off flavors and therefore lots of people love to cool their drink before microorganisms spoil the flavor they love best.

It is seen that there are also brands in the beverage market that are basically fermented drinks yet have higher content of alcohol. Generally, people love them little cooler. You will often find them served by bar attendees asking specifically whether you want them warm or cooled.

But temperature of a place may instinctively make you take any beverage well refrigerated. In hot climates consumers mostly prefer both fermented and distilled drinks cold served to give them relief from scorching rays of sun. Here, most beverages are kept in refrigerators and even freezers before being served to customers in restaurants and bars.

In cold climates the reverse may be the norm, yet beverages like white wine are always preferred to chill in refrigerated for around 15 minutes before being consumed.

According to FDA, you must set your refrigerator at 40 degrees Fahrenheit for most drinks.