Air purifier with true HEPA filter for up to 1500 sq ft

Now all kinds of problems in the air are more and more serious, affecting your health. If you have an Colzer KJ800 air purifier in your home, it will greatly help and improve the air environment in your home. When you get home, you can enjoy the clean air environment.

Colzer KJ800 air purifier is a high-performance air purifier with a CADR value of 470 CFM, a product size of 14 * 14.2 * 28.3 inch, covers an area of 0.128 square meters, and a weight of only 27.3 lb. can bring you fresh air and enjoy the breathing experience like a green forest.

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Colzer Air Purifier With HEPA Filter

The machine adopts the double air inlet setting. Compared with the single air inlet setting, the air purification efficiency is higher, the purification range is larger, and it is more suitable for large rooms.

Applicable to the following scenarios

Why choose Colzer KJ800 air purifier?

1.Air Quality Indicator Light

The machine is equipped with a high-precision sensor, which is more sensitive and accurate, can identify and accurately reflect the air quality level in real time according to the PM2.5 value content in the air (displayed in green, blue, yellow and red), and at the same time display the current The value of PM2.5, temperature and humidity.

2.5 - Gear Wind Speed Design

The machine has a 5-speed wind speed mode, which can meet your more purification needs, in the 1~5 speed mode, there will be different wind speed and power in each mode. the larger the gear, the stronger the purification ability of the machine, but at the same time, the noise and power will increase relative to each other. you can choose the corresponding gear according to your purification needs

3.Applicable Scene

The purifier has a hidden built-in handle, which allows you to easily pick up the machine and easily move between rooms without any problems. In addition, the machine has 360° universal wheels, which makes it easier to move. The purifier is suitable for use in multiple places, and is very suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, larage rooms, basements, offices and other working environments. It can help you keep the indoor air fresh.

Product Specification

Filter Type: Composite Filter


Sleep: ✓

Auto: ✓

PM2.5 value display: ✓

Air Quality Light: ✓

Timer: 1~12 hours

Fan Speed: 5 Speeds

Product Package Size: 17*17*30.9 inch

Replacement Filter Light: ✓

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