900 SQ FT Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter丨COLZER PM1556

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COLZER PM1556 is a home air purifier for large rooms.Purify large spaces up to 3000 Sq Ft air in one hour. Within 900 Sq Ft space will Purify quickly in 30 minutes.

Hight Effective Purification

280CFM Air Purifier provides high-efficiency air Freshening, Captures the dust and bad smell, perfect for home large rooms and offices.

Double Purify Air with Dual Filters

Air Purifier with Dual Composite Filters which includes HEPA efficient filter, and carbon filter. They can save time to efficiently help you remove dust and bad smells until the air quality standard shows PM2.5 fresh air. With the filter cover, Air Purifier efficiently prevents > 0.2 mm fiber particles from the air to 99.9% like hair

Quiet Sleep Mode

29dB Ultra Quiet Air Purifier for Home Bedroom. Under the sleep mode, Air Purifier will purify the air at 29db, it will not disturb your sleeping in the bedroom. 45W Rated power will help you save much energy

Real-time Display and Modes

When power is on, you can see the temperature, humidity, and real-time filter life to replace new filters. In addition, you can choose the auto mode, sleep mode, child lock, timer, power as you need. Color display depending on the air quality means Green for Excellent, Blue for Good, Yellow for Mid pollution, Red for Heavy pollution. With the Real-time color that you can know the healthy or bad air real-time

Air Quality Indicator

1. Green is Excellent(0-12)

2. Blue is Good(12.1-35)
3. Yellow is Mild Pollution(35.1-55)
4. Red is Heavy Pollution(55.1+)

Reminder of Filter Replacement

The built-in filter element replacement indicator reminds you to replace the filter element of this high-efficiency air purifier in time within 6 months.