Portable True HEPA Air Filter

Now all kinds of problems in the air are more and more serious, affecting your health. If you have an EPI-328 air purifier in your home, it will greatly help and improve the air environment in your home. When you get home, you can enjoy the clean air environment.

Colzer EPI-328 air purifier is a high-performance air purifier with a CADR value of 188 CFM, a product size of 13.8 * 8.3 * 20.7 inch, covers an area of 0.074 square meters, and a weight of only 15.43 lb. can bring you fresh air and enjoy the breathing experience like a green forest.

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Colzer Air purifier with Hepa filter

The air purifier uses a 3-in-1 composite filter, a combination of Pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. Compared with the combined filter, it is more convenient to use, has higher purification efficiency, and purifies air more effectively.

Use scene display

Why choose colzer EPI382 air purifier

1.Air Quality Light And PM2.5 Display

The machine is equipped with a high-precision sensor, which will be more sensitive and accurate. It can identify and accurately reflect the air quality level according to the PM2.5 value content in the air, and use the air quality indicator light to express the air quality level of the current room, And display the obtained PM2.5 value on the screen.

2.Replace Filter Indicator Light

We recommend replacing the filters every 3-6 months. The life of the filter depends on the air quality environment and the degree of use. When the filter replacement indicator lights up, it means that the life of the filter has reached, and the filter needs to be replaced in time. If the old filter is used, it may cause Reduced purification efficiency.

3.Applicable Scene

The purifier has a hidden built-in handle that allows you to take the machine effortlessly, easy to move from room to room with no problems. The purifier is suitable for use in multiple places and is very suitable for kitchen, bedroom, living room, basement, office, and other working environments. It can help you keep the air in the room fresh.

Product specification

Filter Type:Composite Filter

 CADR:188 CFM 



PM2.5 value display:✓

Air Quality Light:✓

Timer:24 hours Fan Speed:3 Speeds Product Package Size:16.3*11*23.3 inch 

Replacement Filter Light:✓

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