50 Pint 3,500 Sq Ft Home Dehumidifier for Damp Room | COLZER HD08C

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Powerful Moisture Removal

This efficient dehumidifier effectively removes up to 50 Pints of moisture from the air per day to protect walls, curtains, furniture & appliances from humidity damage, and can even help maximize your comfort and health by keeping the air at a specific level (moisture removal depends on moisture condition and the size of your room).

Great for Large Rooms

COLZER home dehumidifier HD08C, with 50 Pints/Day high removal rate, is designed to tackle humidity problems for medium to large rooms, ideal for damp basements, living rooms, cellars & storage rooms, and any other spaces up to 3,500 sq ft in your home or apartment.

  • 2 Fan Speeds
  • 24 Hrs Timer
  • Child Lock
  • Auto Defrost
  • Auto-Restart
  • Low-temp Operation
  • Auto Shut off
  • Continous Drain Option
Smart Mode to Maintain Assigned Humidity Level

COLZER dehumidifier HD08C with a built-in humidistat allows you to set your desired humidity level from 30% to 80%, in smart (DEHU) mode, and then auto ON/OFF to maintain the room humidity at your desired level without any further work from you.

Maintaining the humidity exactly at a specific level is crucial to create an ideal storage environment in your wine cellar, or to protect valuable property in your storerooms, or to achieve ultra comfort in your home office.

Dry Mode to Quickly Dry

This home dehumidifier runs continuously at high fan speed in the DRY mode.

The DRY mode is designed for drying your delicate clothes that require hang dry in a prompt and proper way, meanwhile keeping your laundry room dry.

The DRY mode keeps the compressor activated indefinitely and the fan rotating at high speed, also great for fast dry in high-humid basements, or to speed up drying time for new drywall or freshly painted rooms.

CONT Mode to Continuously Dry

In CONT mode, this 50-pint dehumidifier runs continuously regardless of the current room humidity. This mode is great for drying those consistently damp rooms, like an indoor pool, spas, grow rooms.

Different from the DRY mode that the fan speed is fixed at high, in the CONT mode, you can choose a favorable fan speed based on your need.

Choose low fan speed for quieter operation, choose high fan speed for a quicker result.

Advanced Control Panel

The top control panel is easy to read current room humidity level, select proper mode (DEHU/DRY/CONT), set target humidity (30-80%), adapt preferable fan speed (Low/High), program auto ON/OFF timer (24 Hrs), lock the control to prevent accidental setting changes.

The Front LCD allows to view the current humidity level from across the room instead of walking by to check the top control panel.

Smooth-gliding Casters

This basement dehumidifier, measuring at only 12.5*8.6*18.6 inches, with 4 rolling casters and 2 side-grip handles, is easy to move from room to room, dehumidifying your room when and where you need it.

ღ The Beads-Tie on the power cord helps bundle the cord and hang it by the unit, keeping the cord safe and neat while not using.

Water Level Window

The water-level window lets you monitor the bucket as it fills. When the bucket (0.66 gal.) is full, the dehumidifier will auto shut off with E7 code displaying, and send an audible alert to remind you to empty the bucket - No overflow worry.

ღ Opt for auto draining by attaching the included 5.65 ft long hose for continuous operation and no-emptying duty.

Washable, Reusable Filter

The durable air filter captures dust in the air and keeps your room dehumidifier working efficiently. This filter is easy to wash clean under a faucet and reusable - No filter replacements necessary.

Automatic defrosting: If the coil is frosted, the automatic defrosting function will take effect-melting the accumulated ice and realizing simple operation.