24 Inch Beverage Refrigerator and Wine Cooler

175 CANS HIGH CAPACITY: Colzer mini fridge is beverage refrigerator and wine cooler, specially designed beverage fridges hold your drinks at just the right temperature, holds up to 175 cans beverages or 46 bottle wines.There’s nothing quite like the simple pleasure of popping open a perfectly chilled beverage and taking that first sip.

Mini Beverage Fridge and Cooler for Sale

Finding an ideal sized beverage refrigerator for sale is now easier at Colzer. We are providing exceptional deals on mini beverage fridge or refrigerators to make sure all your purposes are accomplished in a fuss-free manner.

Cozler Mini Refrigerators

Colzer 24 Inch Beverage Refrigerator Cooler Mini Fridge, 175 Cans Built-in and Freestanding Wine Cooler with LED Light, Advanced Cooling System, Adjustable Shelves, Memory Temperature Control for Home Bar Office

🍾 ADJUSTABLE  TEMPERATURE RANGE: Setting of 37ºF-64ºF.Colzer Cooler with advanced cooling system and updated compressor, which is running quietly and cools quickly, allowing your wine or beer to age and settle properly, with no disturbance to its natural occurring sediments. This is the perfect temperature to refrigerate your drinks.

🍾 INNOVATIVE DESIGN: Colzer Refrigerator is built-in & freestanding fridge, whcich is front vented so it fits inside your cabinetry efficiently as well, that means you don’t even have to give up floor space.Colzer is the Best Under Counter Beverage Refrigerators & Beverage Centers, Whether you keep in your kitchen or under a home bar, you’ll love having wonderfully cooled drinks at your fingertips.

🍾 DOUBLE-PANEL TEMPERED GLASS DOOR: The modern double-layered glass door keeps the outdoor air well-insulated to your beverages stay cold and refreshing and offers protection from harmful UV rays. The glass elements, coupled with the seamless stainless steel exterior, make this one elegant appliance, but it has plenty of other high-end features as well.

Light, heat, humidity, and vibration are the natural enemies of food, especially wine, the Colzer Can Beverage Fridge is a powerful fridge that chills drinks all the way down to 37 degrees for icy refreshment. Storing it in a cooler helps to neutralize the effect of these by keeping your wine at the correct temperature and humidity while protecting it from sunlight. COLZER is a beverage cooler also fits for wines.


The 24" drink cooler has eight soft blue interior LED lights, light up the corner of your room and shows off all your beverages perfectly. So it allows for your guests full visual access to find drinks easier. Of course, if you don't need it, you can choose to turn it off.


Colzer Cooler is designed with a upgrade cooling system which is running quietly and cools quickly, so it ensures evenly distribute cool air throughout and keeps your collection in an ideal and constant temperature environment. An energy efficient machine.


Colzer beverage fridge includes a lock that will keep your drinks secure and safe with a door allowing you to customize the fridge for your needs. No one has access to your drinks unless you say so with the True-key lock. Locking doors is better to prevent unauthorized access to alcohol or others.

The Beverage Cooler for sale is the perfect “party guest” to any social gathering. Not only you can store all kinds of drinks but the cooler gets cold quickly and stays cold with convection Fan. Colzer cooler is an energy efficient machine.

Wine: Red/White wine, Champagne, Sparkling wine,Rose

Beer: Taste better with refrigerating glass

Soft Drinks: Soda,Juice,Dairy,Tea and Coffee,Functional beverage.

Water: It will taste more refreshing and is good for health

Basic information

Holds 46 wine bottles or 175 Can

Temperature Range: 37– 64ºF

Low Noise <38 DB

Digital control panel

Dual-Pane Glass Door

Adjustable feet

Air-tight seal

Dimension: L: 23.43" , W: 22.64", H: 34.25"

Voltage:110 Volts



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