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140 Pint Commercial Dehumidifier for Basement


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This compact and best commercial 140 pint dehumidifier has a beautiful appearance and can be neatly and decoratively suitable for your living room, office, basement, even showrooms, museums and libraries. The easy-to-rotate casters make it possible to move the portable dehumidifier easily.

Warm Tips:

Please let the dehumidfier stand at least 24 hours before initial use.

Please keep the dehumidfier at least 8 inches away from surrounding objects for better performance.

Colzer 140 Pint Dehumidifier for Home

If you are looking for a beautiful-yet-powerful drying solution for your living room or office where keeping aesthetically nice is pretty important, you can't go wrong with Colzer PD582A dehumidifier which is with a pleasing outlook and powerful water removal capacity up to 140 pints per day.

product features

Why choose colzer PD582A 140 pint dehumidifier?

1.Automatic Drainage: It is default select continuous dehumidification when the hose is connected to the water outlet.

Manual Drainage: Default manual dehumidification without hose access, but you need to manually empty the water inside the tank.

Water Full Protection: When the water tank is full with water, the unit will anto shot off, water full indicator light flashing.

2.Dehumidify Mode:Humidity, fan speed and swing can be set.

Dry Clothes Mode: Humidify, fan speed and swing can not be set.

Humudity: Press setting button to chage the set humidity value, setting range30%-80%. Dehumidifier stop working when the ambient humidity is less than or equal to the set humidity.

3.Apply to A Variety of Occasions

Suitable for different locations, such as living room / bedroom / bathroom / kitchen / office / library / basement / Shopping mall / supermarket / warehouse.

Product specification

 Power Source: AC 110-120V/60Hz

 Rated Power: 640W

 Auto Defrost: Yes

 Restart after Power Outage: Yes

 Humidity Adjustable Range: 30%-80% (45%-60% as general use)

 Working Temperature Range: 41-95°F

 Recommend Room Size: 6,000sq. ft

⊙ Package Included:

√ Dehumidifier x1

√ Drain Hose x1

√ User Manual x1

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