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30 Pint Dehumidifier for Home Basements Bedroom


This portable dehumidifier can be a decorative complement of your home or office with its distinct appearance. Its low noise level around 40 dB(A) ensures this quiet dehumidifier fits better in the living/study room, bedroom, and whenever and wherever you need.

Warm Tips:

Please let the dehumidfier stand at least 24 hours before initial use.

Please keep the dehumidfier at least 8 inches away from surrounding objects for better performance.

30 Pints Dehumidifier for Home

Whether you've got a humid office, garage, closet or bedroom, our dehumidifiers can handle it all. Measuring at 11x7x18 inches, this dehumidifier is compact and work effectively, quietly to remove moisture up to 30 pints (4 gallon) per day and this size can handle moisture removal in damp environments up to 1050 square feet such as storage rooms, offices and small basements.

Product Features

Why choose PD100A dehumidifier?

1.Simple Operation Control Panel

Features include Clear LED display, it will show you current humidity when it is pluged in. A smart design lets you control humidity with a simple setting button, visually see the humidity level from the display.Check the humidistat, set your ideal levels, speed button for adjustment(high, low speed switching), 24-hour timer setting, water tank full protection alarm and automatically defost.

2.Automatic Drain / Manual Drain

When the tank is full, effortless full tank alert system with auto shut-off and you don't have to open the tank to check often. If emptying drain buckets is not your thing, you can connect a hose to your unit to utilize the continuous drainage feature, it is useful if you have a sink, since this continuous drainage option is gravity-fed, your drain hose will need to slope below the nozzle on the dehumidifier.

3.Filter Cleaning

Depending on your usage, the filter on your unit will need to be cleaned every half a month or once a month for clean and efficient operation. It is very easy to use warm water to clean your filter, or run vacuum cleaner lightly over the surface of the filter, but please make sure the filter is completely dry before reinstalling, it will be helpful to dehumidifier maintenience.

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