500 Pre-Filter (8pc Package)

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  • ✔️100% Matching for Models : Colzer 500 air scrubber.
  • ✔️Easy to Replace: emove the old filter before starting the scrubber, then replace the new filter, and then reset to continue the scrubber.
  • ✔️Pre-Filter: It is the first stage in the filtration process, which can initially filter larger particles, thereby reducing the workload of the medium and high efficiency filter and extending the life of the filter.
  • ✔️Features: The filter has low initial resistance, large dust capacity, light weight, easy replacement, and good comprehensive utilization. It is an essential process for the filter system.
  • ✔️Note: To ensure good sealing and reduce the effects of filtration, the product is sealed after packaging. Before replacing, remove the filter plastic bag and then replace the filter. In addition, the filter life must be reset after replacing the filter (see product description for specific operation).

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