100 Pint 5,500 Sq Ft Large Room Dehumidifiers for Basements | COLZER HD10C

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COLZER 100 Pints Dehumidifier - Powerful & Efficient

Sticky, damp, clammy, dank, muggy, soggy, moist. If you’ve used any of those words to describe your living space, you could use a dehumidifier to prevent from them.

COLZER dehumidifier is a must for those in need of serious dehumidification, it is quite stronger to removes 100 pints moisture from air in 24 hours (at saturation 95°F,90%RH). And it even cost you less compared with same dehumidification in the market.

With its drying power, COLZER dehumidifier can handle an area up to 5,500 square feet. It is perfect for tackling humidity problems for medium to large rooms, ideal for damp basements, living rooms, cellars & storage rooms, and any other spaces in your home.

The different modes on an dehumidifier for user to choose.

Smart Mode: It can maintain the room humidity at your desired level without any further operation, the inside humidistat allow the humidity level be set in the range of 30%-80%.

Dry Mode: Supports this home dehumidifier runs continuously at high fan speed. Great for fast dry in high-humid basements, drying delicate clothes or to speed up drying time for new drywall or freshly painted rooms.

CONT Mode: The 100-pint dehumidifier runs continuously regardless of the current room humidity. What's more, fan speed is optional. This mode is great for those consistently damp rooms, such as indoor pool, spas or grow rooms.

User-Friendly Controls

Touch controls let the dehumidifier be set easier, and digital controls let you program a specific humidity level with percentage numbers.

Automatically maintain the humidity level with accurate humidistats. Eye-catching humidity reading from Front display.

Safe Design - Lock

When the machine is running properly, are you worried about being mishandled by your child or mishandled by yourself? Touch the "Lock" button for 3-5 seconds to lock or unlock the control panel, let you feel more at ease when using the dehumidifier.

All Day Setting

COLZER home dehumidifier supports working at specific times by the programmable timer, it can set the time within 24 hours. Turn on or turn off the dehumidifier according to your needs. Timed shutdown is useful to reduce energy consumption.

Visible Water Tank

The dehumidifier comes with a 11 pint capacity water tank, designed with a visual window to detect the water level without pulling out the water tank. Also, a 6.56ft hose is attached, let the dehumidifier operate continuously without being necessary to empty the tank.

Friendly Labor-saving Design

This basement dehumidifier, measuring at only 13.8*9.6*19.7 inches, with 4 rolling casters and 2 side-grip handles, is easy to move from room to room.

The Beads-Tie on the power cord helps bundle the cord and hang it by the unit, keeping the cord safe and neat while not using.

Washable Filter

The durable air filter is helpful to block dust in the air and keeps your room dehumidifier working efficiently.

This filter is easy to wash clean under a faucet, it is reusable - No filter replacements necessary. In order to ensure the normal operation of the dehumidifier, it is necessary to clean the filter regularly.