145 Pints Crawl Space Dehumidifier with Pump and Drain Hose | COLZER CD70P

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With a horizontal design at only 16.3-inch height, COLZER dehumidifier CD70P is perfect for low-clearance crawl spaces and tight basement areas, or to fit in between floor joists.
COLZER dehumidifier CD70P, producing 206 CFM airflow and removing up to 145 pints of water from the air per day (70 Pints/Day @ AHAM), is capable of maintaining humidity in spaces up to 6,000 square feet, perfect for medium to large-sized basements and crawl spaces that need moisture control.

Commercial Grade Dehumidifier

This COLZER dehumidifier CD70P with 206 CFM airflow rate removes up to 145 pints of moisture from the air per day in saturated conditions and 70 pints per day in AHAM, powerful enough to cover large spaces up to 6,000 square feet.

Internal Condensate Pump

Removing large amounts of moisture can be tough, especially from a sealed crawl space or tight basement. But to this crawl space dehumidifier with a heavy-duty internal pump and a 16 ft long drain hose, it won't be a problem anymore.

Simple Humidity Control

Take the guesswork out of controlling your home's humidity as the COLZER CD70P automatically reads and displays the room temperature and humidity level in precise of ±5.
Simple to set your desired humidity level between 30 and 80% (between 45 and 50% is ideal for maintaining a great environment), the dehumidifier will auto circle on and off to maintain the room humidity level at the set point.

Auto Defrost & Auto Restart

Auto Defrost: Should frost form on the internal components in lower temperatures, an automatic defrost system shuts off operation and quickly melts frost so the unit can resume normal operation, which allows this dehumidifier to operate successfully in temperatures down to 41°F.
Auto Restart: This basement dehumidifier is also designed to restart automatically to previous settings in the event of a power interruption.

Easy Maintenance

Washable Filter: This high-density air filter removes dust particles from the air to protect the internal components from damage while ensuring efficient operation. Additionally, this high-airflow filter is easy to access, washable, and reusable. - No filter replacement necessary!
Optional Drainage: Thoughtfully design allows you to opt for gravity drain or external pump drain in case of an accidental pump failure.

Efficient & Reliable

High Efficiency: With an Energy Factor of 1.8 L/kWh, you're getting more dehumidification for less energy cost. Plus, The timer allows you to preset to delay on or off in 24 hours, only running the dehumidifier at a certain time for maximized energy saving.
Rugged Housing: The CD70P is constructed with a heavy-duty steel exterior and durable parts for extreme resilience in rough environments like garages, basements, and crawl spaces.