Air Purifier with True HEPA Air Filter for Home

Hepa Filter Air Purifier for Home

The EPI-186 air purifier has several features that make it easier to operate, such as the automatic mode, where the air purifier automatically adjusts the wind speed based on current air quality and other environmental factors.

In addition, it also has sleep mode, timing function, air quality level display lamp, filter change indicator.

Finding the best air purifier is always a confusing affair. However, you don’t need to look worried when you invest in hepa filter air purifier. Colzer is your one-stop source where you can get your hepa filter air purifier for home at the best prices ever. Check out the specifications and order your air purifier right away.

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Colzer Air Purifier With Hepa Filter

Combining HEPA high-efficiency filter layer and activated carbon layer can improve purification efficiency and purify air more effectively.


Why choose EPI186 air purifier?

1.Air Quality Indicator

The air purifier is equipped with a high-precision laser sensor that is more sensitive and accurate, identifies the amount of impurities in the air, and accurately reflects air quality levels (shown in green, yellow and red)

2.Filter Needs To Be Replaced In Time

We recommend replacing the filter every 6 months or so. The life of the filter depends on the air quality environment and the degree of use. If the old filter is used, it may cause reduce the efficiency of purifying.

3.Applicable Scene

EPI-186 Air purifier is small and lightweight, and its weight is as light as 8.1 pounds, easy to move from room to room with no problems. perfect for bathroom, bedroom, stockroom, basement, office, etc.

Product Specification

Filter Type:Composite Filter


Sleep Mode:✓

Auto Mode:✓

PM2.5 Value Display:×

Air Quality Light:✓

Timer:1/2/4/8 hours

Fan Speed:2 Speeds

Product Package Size:15*8.86*21 inch

Replacement Filter Light:✓

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