Air Purifiers

Air purifiers as the name suggest work in purifying the indoor air so that you breathe not only fresh air but healthy air as well.  However, air purifiers come in various shapes sizes colours, and not all air purifiers work in the same manner. Here is a list of Different types of air purifiers for the home and how they work.

The HEPA filter air purifier: - The best way to improve indoor air quality in your own home is to use an air purifier to remove the toxins that you and your family breathe daily. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter systems that have been proven to effectively filter air without causing any of the negative side effects are of one type. The dust particles in this kind of filter are trapped through interception, impaction, and diffusion. With the help of these 3 methods the air purifier works and traps specks of dust and allergens.

Air purifiers with carbon technology: - In these kinds of air purifiers, the carbon sheet present is extremely porous that helps collect the specks of dust and impurities. The best part about these filters unlike the HEPA filters is that they can obstruct any odour, smoke, and gasses. This kind of filter and air purifier is vested for people who have sensitivity issues. For small rooms these are perfect.

Ultra Violet Technology- This kind of air purifier is very effective in killing bacteria and viruses. These purifiers have a UV lamp. Nowadays such purifiers use carbon filters and HEPA technology and use UV light as the final stage of purification.

Ionizer air purifiers- Well these purifiers, use ion generators to purify the air. The generator of the ozone air purifier sends out a continuous flow of ions that are negatively charged. Dust, allergen particles, and other pollutants get attracted to the ions. Once they interact with each other, the pollutants become too heavy and drop down to the floor, from where they can be easily swept or vacuumed away.

A portable air purifier- portable air purifiers are the kind that clear a single room or a likewise confined area. Also recognized as room air purifiers, they are the default choice if your home lacks central air conditioning or heating. Portable air purifiers come in different dimensions but are normally light to take around. They keep your room pure of toxic airborne bits such as dander and dust as well as VOCs, vapour, and smoke. Another benefit of these purifiers is that usually they are comparatively economical.

Charged media filters- Charged media filters use a method like electrostatic precipitators. The important distinction is that charged media filters instead of plates use filters. So the filters will have to be repaired after some time. Charged media filters can ensnare even minute bits. They draw and trap scraps such as spores, dust, and dirt trash. Some charged media filters can catch 99% of airborne scraps including those located in bacteria, smoke, and smog.

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