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Safety Certification

What they say

  • This is a fancy-looking dehumidifier.The water tank is easy to remove, although it looks rather smaller than expected. So far, it's working great, and it looks nice besides.

    Gladys Yundt

  • I have been using this in our basement for the past 2 weeks, since our old dehumidifier broke. Functionally it works great, and significantly decreased our humidity levels pretty quickly. Exactly what I needed it to do!

    Donny Wehner

  • I have had a kind of slightly musty smell in my bedroom for months that I always contributed to a carpet Shampooing job that went bad and left way too much water in the carpet. So this machine was like a God send because it looked like it could take care of that smell for good.

    Otto Klein

  • Long story short I had a roommate who likes to cook Asian food. The entire house smelled so bad. I needed a filter with carbon and hepa. This filter is amazing. It will pull smoke out if the air from bacon or cigarettes. Best 300 I ever spent

    Luna Boyle

  • First the design is slick... it feels like Apple product :) material and finish is top notch, the rolls are high quality and side panels are on magnet instead of crappy hitches.The pairing with Phone was easy and you can lay in bed control all the features

    Vito Gorczany