Know how smart buyers are choosing air purifiers for their home - Colzer

Air Purifiers are inevitable devices in indoor spaces where high amounts of pollutants and allergens are present. If you don’t have fresh air in your home, you are making a compromise on the health of your dear and near ones. Air purifiers help you eliminate toxic air and protect your health efficiently. How to choose the best home purifier? You can come across many different types of products nowadays. It is necessary to choose the most suitable one that meets your unique needs. Let us discuss how smart buyers are choosing air purifiers for their home.

Choosing a purifier that suits room size

The first thing you need to focus on is to choose a purifier that suits your rom size. Smart buyers always focus on this important aspect to make an informed decision. You must decide on how much space needs to be cleaned using a purifier. If you have a large space to clean, it is not wise to buy a small desktop device. On the other hand, you should not buy a heavy-duty air purifier for a small bedroom.

Checking the air changes per hour

Smart buyers check the air changes per hour before making a purchase. If you look at the product specifications, you can find this information. This awareness gives you clear idea about the filtration. If you want to clean a small room with 300 to 350 square feet, you can expect a small purifier to turn over the air around eight times in 60 minutes. The same device turns over air only four times while cleaning a large room. If you don’t know exactly about how much space to be cleaned, you can buy a reasonably larger air purifier that stays within your budget.

Comparing the CADR

CADR refers to clean air delivery rate. All branded products come with CADR number. This metric assists you in knowing the efficiency of a device, That is to say, you can have a fair idea about how an air purifier does filters various particles in a room with a particular size. As CADR increases, a device becomes more efficient in removing the air particles. Smart buyers always take clean air delivery rate into consideration before making a purchase decision.

Creating better awareness about the pollutants filtered out by different products

The ability of different air purifiers varies when it comes to filtering out particular types of pollutants. A rating is given to an air purifier depending on how efficiently they filter different pollutant sizes. Though the most air purifiers are pretty similar, you can find certain devices are better at absorbing dust and dander than catching smoke. So, you have to check this aspect to find a suitable device that meets your specific goals.

Smart buyers always read a lot of online reviews to learn about the unique features of different brands. These reviews also help them compare products objectively. If you follow these steps, you can make an informed air humidifier purchase decision that safeguards your interests in the best possible manner.