Protect your kids from polluted air with an air purifier - Colzer

It is a well-known fact that children face a special amount of risk from air pollution. This is because their lungs are still growing and also as they are active, they breathe a lot of air. Such exposure to bad air and indoor pollutants can make them more likely to catch allergies caused by bad quality air. Also, the recent pandemic situation has somehow made us understand the need of breathing good quality air. The level of concern has increased enormously amongst people towards both indoor and outdoor environments. However, several technologies and gadgets are observed to be extremely beneficial in improving the air quality inside and outside. One of such devices that helps in making the air more breathable and better is an air purifier. This is one smart gadget that must be installed in your home for your child. This device will help in protecting your child from various bacteria and infections that can turn severe with time. Also, here is a list of benefits of using an air purifier to protect your kids from polluted air.

1 Helps in relieving symptoms of Asthma

 If by any chance your child has asthma then an air purifier can help in reducing the symptoms. The majority of air purifiers have got HEPA filters in them. This filter is designed in a manner that it can trap all the pollutants that can trigger asthma. It helps in breathing clean air.

2 Eliminating Harmful Chemical from Indoor Environment

 If you have shut the windows and doors of your house then this doesn’t mean that you can shut another external pollutant like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. These are those gases that are found in high vehicle motor traffic areas and this gas can make its way inside your home. Air purifiers usually consist of active charcoal which can help in cleansing the air inside and avoid the risk of various health issues for your child.

3 Helps in Neutralizing Unpleasant Odors

 Various chemicals like benzene, gasoline, and other chemicals can break-down at room temperature and cause an odor. This odor can cause breathlessness, nausea, and many other side effects. An air purifier can help you to avoid inhaling such an odor by trapping the gases using the active charcoal and HEPA filter. So, if your child is exposed to an environment that often experiences such a kind of unpleasant odor then make sure you install an air-purifier to save them from harmful gases.

All the above-given facts prove that installing an air purifier at home is a great step for protecting your child from intaking harmful air that can cause discomfort and allergy. If your child suffers from some breathing difficulty issues already then using the air purifier is a must. It will help to provide your child with a fresh and easily breathing environment. Using a good quality air purifier has become an increasing necessity amongst households as people have started to realize that breathing clean and fresh air is very necessary for everyone especially for kids.