It is very important for any manufacturer to get due certification from FCC as well as ETL before selling their products in the market. An FCC certificate means certification of product safety for human usage by Federal Communication Commission. It means the product has been tested according to strict standards and guidelines laid down by FCC in US. It is also obligatory on part of importers of products from all over the world to strictly adhere to these rules or the products may not be allowed to be marketed within the country.

ETL is a mark that is provided by Intertek Testing Services and they are nationally recognized for testing products. ETL marks on products determine whether products have met prescribed safety standards for human consumption. ETL has a range of measures that manufacturers need to comply with while FCC is basically for electronic products and whether the same emits radio waves intentionally or unintentionally.

Both tests have to be carried out periodically as per rules failing which punitive actions may be taken against the manufacturers, importers, retailers and even users.


Product Certification Indicates Quality

One way for ordinary consumers to know whether a product is good or bad is by identifying certification mark on it. In case of purifiers of different types including water to air, either ETL or FCC certification is mandatory. This helps ordinary buyers from making informed purchase decision. Such authentic and important marks indicate that the product is safe, risky free, reliable and manufactured with rigid quality checks.

Consumers become aware because they know that these products have gone through several standard tests including performance and quality checks. It is true that certification may slightly increase the price of the products not because of expenses incurred but due to inputs of high quality components in products like electronic devices, air or water purifier.

In case with non-certified purifiers the prices are usually low and you may even get discounts although these may later become a liability for you.


Advantages of Certification

Manufacturers, importers and retailers also are at an advantage while offering certified purifiers. This is because usually a certified product comes with warranties. It is also easier to get them replaced with manufacturer across the supply chain.

Manufacturers also try to keep up with quality guidelines as they fear being penalized by agencies and thereby in turn increase their goodwill among consumers. They increase their customer base rapidly and this leads to good profits in the long run.

Consumers across the world do not wish to harm their health especially by purchasing sub standard non-certified purifiers. This creates a win-win situation for suppliers and buyers. At manufacturing sites tests and checks ensure safer working environment for workers and thereby reduces any risk that may arise out of litigation.

Not in least, certification also greatly reduces company’s wasteful expenditure and likely mishaps in factory because of overall quality control. Again, it also helps worker’s absence due to injuries and man-days lost due to hospitalization and other expenses.