Dehumidifier FAQ, you can find your question below


  • Ordinary conventional dehumidifier to avoid high temperature, high dust, salt, inorganic gases (stream dioxide, chlorine, ammonia, etc.), organic gases (alcohol, glycol ether, aldehydes, etc. easily caused by the copper tube two devices (evaporator) easy to corrode the environment used.
  • Commercial machines should be turned off when not using the dehumidifier for a long time, clean the filter and flush the dust on the surface of the two devices to keep the air outlet clean to avoid foreign objects into the air outlet inside to cause unnecessary failure.
  • Dehumidifier generally adapt to the working environment temperature in 10 ° to 38 ° or so can start normally. More than the above working environment conditions may cause non-mechanical failure phenomenon caused by the normal operation. Ambient temperature below 20 ° will appear below the ice frost and frost phenomenon are normal.
  • Dehumidifier normal operation is dry hot air is a normal phenomenon, the winter temperature is low when the general outlet temperature is relatively low so dehumidifier outlet temperature will change with the use of environmental temperature, the higher the ambient temperature outlet temperature is higher, on the contrary, the lower.
  • Before turning on the machine in accordance with the product operating interface function keys to set the humidity value, the humidity value can not be set higher than the current humidity or the machine will not start. The compressor has a start-up delay function, about 3 minutes after the normal operation.
  • Note whether the sound is abnormal when the machine is running, if the sound is found to be abnormal should stop using to identify the cause, not blindly use to avoid greater problems.
  • In the season of frequent use of dehumidifiers, to frequently check whether the power plug and socket contact is good, there is no loose or off phenomenon, should be cut off when not in use for a long time.