296 PPD Commercial Dehumidifier

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PD1201A is smaller and more compact than the conventional dehumidifiers on the market. Measuring at only 19.5 inches W x 15.7 inches D x 32.5 inches H, this heavy-duty dehumidifier allows for more flexibility with transportation, placement, and storage.

Colzer Commercial Dehumidifier

Boasted a powerful compressor and efficient fan system that moves the air at a high speed at 353 CFM, this commercial-grade dehumidifier could remove up to 296 Pints (37 Gallons) water from the air per day, being ideal drying solutions for any indoor spaces up to 8,000 sq. ft. that need industrial-strength dehumidification.

✅ Superior Moisture Removal: A high-efficiency compressor ensures the maximum moisture extraction of up to 296 pints per day (143 PPD AHAM), being heavy-duty commercial dehumidifiers for large basements, industrial warehouse, workshop, greenhouse etc.

✅ Higher CFM Fan: Fan operates at 353 CFM, allowing greater moisture removal rate (37 Gallon), greater area of coverage (8,000 sq ft), and even faster moisture removal out of damp furniture and walls, great for leaks or floods cleanup, water damage restoration, and construction drying.

✅ Advanced Control for Effortless Operation: A large touch-pad LED control panel offers great convenience for humidity setting and monitoring, timer programming, fan speed selecting, and working status reading. This large room dehumidifier will AUTO ON/OFF to maintain the room humidity around setpoint, AUTO RESTART after a power failure, AUTO DEFROST when coils iced up, ensuring worry-free operation.

✅ Optimized Drainage: ① Auto: Include a 3.28 ft drain hose for continuous draining by gravity. ②Manual: A 3.17-gallon large capacity bucket matches perfectly with the removal rate. This commercial grade dehumidifier will AUTO STOP to prevent overflowing when the bucket is full.

✅ Updated Compact Design: Though with high removal capacity, Rinkmo PD1201A is much more compact than the conventional industrial dehumidifiers. Measuring at only 19.5(W)x15.7(D) x32.5(H) inches, packed with 4 casters, 2 side-recessed handles, and storage housing design, this restoration dehumidifier allows for more flexibility with transportation, placement and storage.

Product features


1.Easy to Use

The inbuilt hygrometer will automatically detect the ambient humidity and determine to switch the compressor ON or OFF to maintain the set humidity level.

2.Convenient to Drain

Simply screw the included drain hose to the drain outlet to achieve continuous drain by gravity, saving you from the hassle of emptying the heavy water tank.

3.Portable to Move

This compact dehumidifier is packed with 4 easy-to-roll casters along with 2 side-recessed handles, allowing you to easily move it from one space to the other.

Basic Specifications

Model : PD1201A

Product Dimensions:19.5 x 15.7 x 32.5 inches

Item Weight:107 pounds

Max. Removal Rate : 296 PPD

Airflow Volume : 353 CFM

Max. Coverage Area : 8,000 sq ft

Water Reservoir Capacity : 3.17 Gallon

Continuous Drain Option : Yes

Drain Hose Included : Yes (3.28 ft)

Power Source : 110-120V, 60 Hz

Rated Power : 1900W

Rated Current : 17A

Auto Defrost : Yes

Power Outage Auto-Restart : Yes

Auto Error Detection : Yes

Operating Temperature Range: 41-100°F

Housing Type : Dent-resistant Metal Housing

Applicable Occasions : Large Damp Basements, Industrial Warehouse, Indoor Pool/Spa, Commercial Grow Room/Greenhouse, Water Damage Restoration, Construction Drying, and more

Commercial dehumidifiers are suitable for the following scenarios

Damp Basements

Forcefully drawing the moist, wet air in, this heavy-duty dehumidifier releases clean, dry, and warm air back into the surrounding environment, so as to keep your damp basements dry and comfortable.

Industrial Warehouse

With built-in humidistat, this commercial-grade dehumidifier can accurately keep tough commercial environments like warehouses, gyms, pool areas and storage units at a safe humidity level all year round.

Water Damage Restoration

This restoration dehumidifier is great for water damage restoration since it can help to quickly and efficiently dry damp and even wet carpeting, furniture, floors, and walls after floods, plumbing leaks or rain ingress.

Fast Construction Drying

Capable of 296 PPD capacity and 353 CFM air circulation for quicker and easier drying process, this dehumidifier is ideal for new build structural drying, helping prevent trapped moisture and subsequent damage.

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