Naturally, the very first question that would come to anyone’s mind is what a second-hand smoke is. Well, second-hand smoke is commonly termed for the smoke inhaled by anyone who is not the source of the smoke. Simply put, if you are in the presence of a smoker, then the smoke you are inhaling is second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke is distinguished into two categories according to its source, first the smoke exhaled by the smoking person, and the other is the smoke from the burning cigarette or cigar. This second-hand smoke has a devastating effect on a person's health; the smoke coming directly from the tobacco source is considerably more harmful than the exhaled smoke, but both of them could pose a severe problem on your health, as they contain carcinogens and should be guarded against.

Exposure to second-hand smoke could result in serious ailments like lung cancer, heart disease, allergic reactions, and much more, as the second-hand smoke contains thousands of chemicals that are dangerous to human beings. Obviously, if you are frequently in the presence of second-hand smoke, you should take steps to remove yourself from that environment, but if you can't, then there is something you can do to safeguard yourself against this threat to your health – invest in an air purifier.

How does an air purifier eliminate second-hand tobacco smoke?

The basic function of an air purifier is to purify the air of an enclosed area, and it is done by drawing in the air and passing it to through the filters installed in the air purifier. This is turn, will remove chemical pollutants as well as particles from the air, which after this process is now clean and hence released back into the enclosed area. Now, if you are questioning whether an air purifier can eliminate the smoke odors from the air, then the answer is an emphatic yes.

With the help of HEPA filters – which were initially designed to protect scientists during nuclear testing, air purifiers are completely capable of filtering the smoke odors from the tobacco products. These HEPA filters are capable of capturing particles of 0.3 microns in size, which is a suitable range to work with when eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke, as the smoke will rapidly thin, and its particle reduces in size. So using an air purifier is easily the best way to eliminate second-hand tobacco smoke. The other major defense utilized by an air purifier against the second-hand tobacco smoke is the use of activated carbon, which, when the chemical, odors, and gases pass through, will force them to absorb the carbon porous and swell in size.

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