We all hate that feeling that arises due to the astronomically high humidity levels at our residence or workplace; humid conditions not only irritates the hell out of us but also results in damaging the property’s exterior as well as to the mechanical and electrical pieces of equipment as well. Naturally, it is imperative for one to resolve this issue as soon as possible. And if you are someone who is looking to sort this out, then you are in luck as there are different types of dehumidifiers available in the market for both residential and industrial use that can help you sort this issue out. Both types of dehumidifiers (residential & commercial) are great when it comes to tackling the menace of humidity, but which one should you go for? This is a question that must be on your mind, and it’s a great one; the fact is both are equally capable of fulfilling your requirement, but first, you have to understand what your need is? Are you looking for a dehumidifier that you can use in your office, or are you thinking about getting one for your living room or any other room in your home? And to top it all, there are significant differences between commercial and residential dehumidifiers, which should be kept in mind while selecting the best one for you.

Their Made Up

The fundamental difference between a commercial and a residential dehumidifier is the make-up they generally have, residential dehumidifiers are commonly made with lightweight materials as they may have to move around in the house, and so for convenience, they are made with lightweight materials, as compared to the commercial dehumidifiers that are generally made with heavier materials like steel and heavy-duty plastic, as they are not made to be easily movable.

Target areas

Naturally, as the name suggests, both of these dehumidifiers are designed to specifically serve a purpose, with residential dehumidifiers are made for in-house use and the commercial (or industrial) dehumidifiers for commercial use, so that’s why residential dehumidifiers are small in size and target smaller area as compared to their commercial counterpart. Commercial dehumidifiers can be used in residential properties as they can target large as well as remote areas, but the same can’t be said for residential dehumidifiers.


Obviously, since commercial dehumidifiers are larger, consume more energy, and tackle larger area as compared to its residential counterpart, it needs to have a dedicated drainage system in place, in contrast, a residential dehumidifier, that can work with the in-house drainage system.


Commercial dehumidifiers are specifically designed to work in extreme weather conditions, and in this case, they are miles better than the residential dehumidifiers.

Both of these dehumidifiers are great at their job and would fulfill your requirement, but in light of global warming and due to it, continually rising temperature every year, a Commercial dehumidifier might be a better investment for you. Obviously, commercial dehumidifiers are an investment as they are expensive compared to the residential ones, but they are better at their job and last longer! You can shop for the best dehumidifiers according to your needs at Colzer.