Coronavirus pandemic has shut down the world, forcing people to stay indoors and follow every precaution possible to stay safe and healthy. The virus is still spreading and making people wonder what steps they must take to protect themselves. Apart from social distancing, wearing masks and gloves, people are popularly turning towards air purifiers for added safety. However, people are still questioning whether HEPA air purifier can protect us from coronavirus or not? Luckily, such purifier can remove respiratory droplets and this is why it is quite significantly used in modern homes and offices.

HEPA purifier is a go-to solution for many people to deal with particle pollution. As they blow air through a filter, it removes any particles that may be present in the air that you are breathing. If there are virus-filled droplets in air, the filter will be able to remove those as well when the air will pass through the filter. As coronavirus is fast spreading, it makes complete sense to install HEPA air purifiers in your home and offices to stay protected and also keep the people around you safe. However, it has not yet been determined whether COVID-19 is airborne or not, you can still rely on HEPA purifier to completely protect you from this virus.

It is also widely recommended until the world gets free from this pandemic. You are not keeping yourself safe from the virus but also eliminating fine dust and particulate matter, which may cause other type of allergies and diseases. The indoor air quality enhances significantly, allowing you to boost your overall health. If you running it throughout the day, it will definitely not cause any harm as it will only keep indoor air quality in tip-top shape.

Sadly, coronavirus is reaching its peak as people are getting affected in large numbers and some are even battling for their life due to this virus. If you are also some who has got infected with coronavirus, it is vital that you install a HEPA purifier in your home, especially if there are other people around you. It is not just for your well-being but also the safety of other people. You can definitely wash your hands in a frequent basis and stay home to protect others but when you will install a HEPA air purifier, people in your home will also be able to move freely and stay protected. However, dont think it as a replacement for social distancing or using disinfectant.

A lot of people who are using a non-HEPA purifiers believing that it will work the same way as HEPA when it comes to protecting against coronavirus. However, this isn't true as HEPA purifiers are the best bet for getting rid of coronavirus, especially in enclosed environments. So, make sure that you have the right air purifier in your home if you want to keep yourself and people around you healthy. When the purifier will work round the clock, you can ensure that coronavirus will stay at bay and you will be able to indulge in a normal life that might not be possible when you step out of your homes or offices.